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XC2XL Development Platform (RETIRED)

This product has been retired and is no longer for sale.

XC2XL Development Platform (RETIRED)

This product has been retired and is no longer for sale.

Product Description

The XC2-XL circuit board is a self-contained development platform for CPLD-based designs. It contains two Xilinx® CPLDs; a CoolRunner-II XC2C256 and an XC9572XL. 

The XC2-XL is an ideal platform for gaining exposure to Xilinx CPLDs and the latest Xilinx CAD tools. It provides a JTAG programming circuit, power supplies, a clock source, and basic I/O devices, so circuits can be implemented immediately without the need for any other components. 

All CPLD signals are brought to expansion connectors, so accessory circuits can be added to the on-board prototype area or attached via expansion boards. The XC2-XL is compatible with all versions of Xilinx CAD tools, including the free WebPack tools available at the Xilinx website. The XC2-XL ships with a power supply and programming cable, so designs can be implemented without any further costs.

Support Materials

Datasheet (PDF) Schematics (PDF)

For all other material:

Resource Center


Processor/IC: Xilinx CoolRunner II CPLD (256 Macrocells) & XC9500 CPLD (72 Macrocells)

Connector(s): Six 2x20 right angle female sockets

Programming: JTAG programmable


  • A Xilinx CoolRunner-II XC2C256 CPLD in a TQ144 package
  • A Xilinx XC9572XL CPLD in a VQ44 package
  • JTAG ports to both CPLDs that can be independently enabled or disabled
  • Flexible power delivery using a wall-plug transformer, batteries, or external supplies
  • A socketed oscillator (1.8432MHz included; clocks up to 100+MHz can be used)
  • Full routing of all I/O signals from both CPLDs to expansion connectors
  • A button and two LEDs for basic I/O
  • Non-volatility – as with all Xilinx CPLDs, designs remain after power is removed



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