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Free Download available in the description below.


Free Download available in the description below.

Product Description

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WaveForms is our powerful multi-instrument software application. It seamlessly connects to our USB portable oscilloscope, logic analyzer, and function generator products such the Analog Discovery 2 and Analog Discovery Studio, the Digital Discovery, and the Electronics Explorer Board, with full Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux support. This software, coupled with the hardware instrumentation, brings a powerful suite of instruments to enable analog and digital design on your personal computer. Designed with a clean, easy to use graphical interface for each instrument, WaveForms makes it easy to acquire, visualize, store, analyze, produce and reuse analog and digital signals.

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WaveForms is FREE to download and can be operated in demo mode. Download now to test it out! In order to download this software, click on the "Download Here" button to be taken to the resource center. This software is free and you are able to choose from Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and ARM files. There is no limit on how many times you can download the WaveForms files.




The oscilloscope offers all the data acquisition, triggering and viewing functionality you’d expect in a benchtop scope. With real-time math channels, XY plots, FFTs and other advanced features, the oscilloscope software provides all the analytical power you need.


Waveform Generator 

The waveform generator produces predefined WaveForms likes sine, sawtooth and triangle waves, as well as user-defined (arbitrary) WaveForms at frequencies up to 20MHz. It also generates sweeps between user-defined frequency limits and AM or FM modulated outputs.



Power Supplies

Two user-controlled power supplies can be set in the 0V to 5VDC and 0V to -5VDC ranges with 10mV accuracy.


Network Analyzer

The network analyzer drives a circuit with a swept sine wave up to 10MHz, and measures circuit response as the input frequency changes. Output magnitude and phase are displayed in Bode, Nichols, or Nyquist formats.


Spectrum Analyzer

The spectrum analyzer performs a real-time FFT or CZT algorithm on oscilloscope data, and displays the resulting frequency-domain data (power spectrum) along with the captured time-domain signal.


Logic Analyzer

Simultaneously records up to 16 digital signals at up to 100MS/s, and displays them as individual signals, parallel buses, or decoded into serial data bytes on SPI, I2C, CAN, or UART busses.


Pattern Generator

Drives individual digital signals or bus patterns on up to 16 signals at up to 100SP/s.



Two independent, auto-ranging voltmeters can measure and display DC and AC (RMS and True RMS) signals, using differential or single-ended measurements.


Protocol Analyzer



Script Editor



Static I/O

 16 digital I/Os can be configured as virtual I/O devices like push buttons, slide switches, and LEDs that are viewed and controlled by virtual I/O devices displayed on the host device.


Data Logger



Impedance Analyzer 




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