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chipKIT DP32: DIP Package Prototyping Microcontroller Board (RETIRED)

This product has been retired and is no longer for sale.

chipKIT DP32: DIP Package Prototyping Microcontroller Board (RETIRED)

This product has been retired and is no longer for sale.

Product Description

The chipKIT™ DP32 is a chipKIT/MPIDE compatible prototyping and project development board from Digilent. It combines the power of the Microchip® PIC32MX250F128B with a wire wrap prototyping area, provision for an EEPROM non-volatile memory, an analog temperature sensor, a potentiometer, buttons, and LEDs, all in a single board. The mounting hole footprint on the board is designed to fit in the Hammond 1591XXSSBK project box. 

The DP32 takes advantage of the powerful PIC32MX250F128B microcontroller. This microcontroller features a 32-bit MIPS processor core running at 40 MHz, 128K of flash program memory, and 32K of SRAM data memory. It is suitable for building projects directly on the board utilizing the provided prototyping area, but it can also be used as a device programmer to program the microcontrollers for inclusion in custom built projects. 

The DP32 can be programmed using the Multi-Platform Integrated Development Environment (MPIDE), which supports the PIC32 microcontroller. The board provides everything needed to start developing embedded applications using the MPIDE. To download MPIDE, please visit

The DP32 is also fully compatible with the advanced Microchip MPLAB® IDE. To develop embedded applications using MPLAB, a separate device programmer/debugger, such as the Digilent chipKIT PGM or the Microchip PICkit™3 is required.

Support Materials

Datasheet (PDF) Schematics (PDF)

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Processor/IC: Microchip PIC32MX250F128B microcontroller


  • USB connector for USB serial converter
  • Microchip debug tool connector (PICkit 3 or Digilent chipKIT PGM)
  • External power screw terminal connectors



  • PIC32MX2xx
  • 128KB Flash
  • 32KB RAM
  • 50 MHz operating speed
  • PPS, two SPI, two I2C, and two UART connectors
  • 13 channel 10-bit ADC
  • Five compare/PWM outputs
  • 19 available I/O pins
  • 3.3V operating voltage
  • 9 analog inputs
  • PC connection uses a USB to micro-B cable (not included)
  • 8 MHz oscillator
  • 16V maximum input voltage
  • 250mA maximum output current
  • One potentiometer connected to an analog input, four user LEDs, and two user pushbuttons
  • Wirewrap prototyping area
  • Programmable with MPIDE
  • Also programmable with MPLAB IDE (with the addition of the PICkit3 in-system programmer/debugger or the chipKIT PGM)
  • Mounting Hole compatible with Hammond 1591XXSSBK project box



  • chipKIT DP32
  • Custom Digilent cardboard box with protective foam

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